Pole Mokotowskie

Pole Mokotowskie

There, who in the capital are sporadic and "passing", they often argue, that it is a city "littered with" office buildings, full of hustle and bustle and rush. Nothing could be more wrong! A quick ride through the center or visiting the Central Station can actually provide such experiences. However, there are many places in Warsaw where you can break away from the "rush of the big city" and simply relax. Pole Mokotowskie is one of them.

On counting over 200 hectares of land located on the border of Mokotów, Ochota and Śródmieście there used to be an airport and a horse racing track. Both of these institutions functioned here before the Second World War, and Varsovians flocked on days off, to admire the horses galloping, make - sometimes quite lucrative - bets and just hang out in an interesting company. Today, the airport is located in Okęcie and the track in Służewiec, but otherwise not much has changed. Still a lovely place to walk.

Field unequal

After the war, Pole Mokotowskie was crossed by Aleja Niepodległości (earlier - Topolowa Street). Nowadays, the entire complex is only 1/3 former area, it's still almost 70 hectares of meadow and park, which together form both one of the most popular recreational areas in Warsaw, as well as the city's aeration wedge, important from the point of view of the climate.

However, before we move on to the attractions waiting for walkers here, let's say a few words about the name itself, which to this day by many people - including native Varsovians - is served incorrectly. Well, you can meet the term "Pola Mokotowskie" very often., it also appears frequently in the press - especially in the press unrelated to the capital. Meanwhile, the correct name is not "Pola" but "Pole Mokotowskie". The unfortunate plural is most likely just from this, that the area is cut in two by a fairly busy road.

Happy Dog

Warsaw can pride itself on a unique monument. This is a Happy Dog Monument, which was created on the initiative of the monthly "Cztery Lapy", and was unveiled 2 October 2004 year on the occasion of World Animal Day. However, it is also easy to meet other happy dogs - real this time. Varsovians love to walk around the "green lungs of the city" with their four-legged friends.

Pole Mokotowskie is not only a great "run for dogs". There are wide bicycle paths and alleys specially designed for inline skating, as well as ideal conditions for jogging, whose lovers can be found basically at any time of the day and year.

Amateurs of more atmospheric climates will certainly appreciate the charming lakes and fountains and numerous benches set, among others, in the company of sandstone sculptures. All this, bathed in the light of the summer sun setting over Warsaw, creates an atmosphere straight from a Hollywood romance.

Tired of running, playing with children or taking romantic walks - we can also sit for a while in one of the several atmospheric pubs, which are not missing in the most popular park in Warsaw. On internet forums, the pubs "Bolek" and "Lolek" are often recommended, which have almost become cult status.

The green heart of Warsaw

Purely geographically, Pole Mokotowskie can be called "the green lungs of the city". However, an equally deserved term would be the term "green heart of Warsaw", because Pole Mokotowskie is not only a beautiful park and recreational area. It is also a great backdrop for numerous outdoor events.

Concerts and festivals are held here throughout the summer. In June, it is worth going with your children for a great picnic on the occasion of Children's Day, and celebrate Earth Day in April. Many events have already become a permanent feature of Pole Mokotowskie, but much of it is also done spontaneously.

Pole Mokotowskie is a clear proof of that, that Warsaw is not a one-dimensional city - that it is a rush for a career, international business and ubiquitous traffic jams are just an outer protective cover, under which the capital hides its beautiful soul.