Columns about Warsaw

Columns about Warsaw, that is, stories a bit with a wink of a half in jest, half seriously. Below you will find a list of articles about Warsaw, her face and history.

  1. 1. Warsaw mermaid – where from in the symbol of the city, more than 300 km from the sea, a sea symbol which is the Warsaw mermaid.
  2. 2. Warsaw anthem – My city and in it… the story of the song sung by Czesław Niemen "Sen o Warszawie", which the author of the words is Marek Gaszyński.
  3. 3. Palace of Culture called the dream of a drunk confectioner, hated by some favored by others. What's your opinion.
  4. 4. Magic of Warsaw – why we choose Warsaw, what attracts us to it.
  5. 5. Warsaw Metro – from horse trams to underground lines. History of the Warsaw metro.