Warsaw communication

Warsaw communication

Public transport in Warsaw is managed by the ZTM – Public Transport Authority in Warsaw. This is true for both buses, trams, Fast City Rail or Metro. Current timetables can be found on the ZTM website, however, for people unfamiliar with the city's transport system, it will be more convenient to use the jakdojade.pl website, which helps in choosing the most optimal travel route,:

ZTM - ZTM timetable
Jakdojade.pl - timetable for Warsaw
Taxi Warsaw - taxis in Warsaw

For people, which travel by public transport, it is best and, above all, cheaper to obtain a City Card, which is nothing but an electronic ticket carrier. The card is issued free of charge.

Varsovian card

The capital city rewards people, which contribute to the city's operating costs and account for PIT in Warsaw. Therefore, people living and settling income tax PIT in Warsaw, thanks to the Varsovian Card and the Young Varsovian Card, can benefit from discounts when using public transport in Warsaw. Currently, it is approx 10% – current discounts can be found on the ZTM website.