Old and New Town

Old and New Town

Castle Square – column of Sigismund III Vasa – the. Świętojańska Street – Old town square – Stone steps – the. Brzozowa – a square under the Vistula embankment – the. On foot – New Town Square – the. Freta – the. Nowomiejska – the. Podwale – Castle Square

Old and New Town
I. Kolumna Zygmunta III Wazy 2. Royal Castle 3. Pałac „Pod Blachą” 4. Archikatedra św. John the Baptist 5. The Jesuit monastery complex with the Church of Our Lady of Graces 6. The tenement house "Under Saint Anna” 7. The tenement house "Under the Negro” 8. Szlichtyngowska tenement house – Historical Museum of the Capital City of. Warsaw 9. The Baryczków tenement house 10. The Busserowska tenement house
II. Tenement house ,,Under Fortuna " 12. The Orlemus House – Museum of Literature 13. The "Under the Basilisk" tenement house 14. The "Under the Lion" tenement house 15. Mermaid Monument 16. Bridge Tower – "Old Powder Tower" theater 17. Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary 18. Monument to Walerian Łukasiński 19. St.. Benona 20. Church of the SS. the sacraments of St.. Kazimierz 21. The Łyszkiewicz tenement house 22. Dominican monastery complex with the church of St.. Jacket 23. The "Pod Samsonem" tenement house 24. Monastery. Pauline Fathers with the Church of the Holy Spirit 25. Barbakan 26. City walls 27. Monument to Matty Insurgent 28. Jan Kiliński Monument 29. Morsztyn Palace 30. Baranicki's Palace 31. Krakowska Gate Bridge 32. John's tenement house 33. St.. Anna 34. Guardhouse 35. The building of the Civic Resursa 36. Complex of buildings of the Warsaw Charitable Society 37. Figure MB Passawskiej 38. Adam Mickiewicz's statue 39. Załuski Palace (Sucked) 40. Dean 41. The Foodieiite complex with the churches of the Assumption and St.. Joseph the Spouse 42. Stanisław Koniecpolski Palace – seat of the President of FtP 43. Monument to Prince Józef Poniatowski 44. Kasper Denhoff Palace (Potocki) 45. Building of the National Theater (Great) 46. Customs Chamber building 47. Monument to the Warsaw Uprising 48. Half of the Polish Army Cathedral 49. Monument to Wojciech Bogusławski 50. Monument to Stanisław Moniuszko 51. Jabłonowski Palace 52. Blanka's Palace 53. Hotel Bristol 54. Hotel Europejski 55. Monument to Bolesław Prus 56. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 57. “A house without edges” related. "Domem pod Arkadami”

The proposed route is approx. 3,5 km long. It presents the complex of the Old and New Town, entered on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, as an example of the reconstruction of almost completely destroyed historic buildings. It is necessary to allocate for its circumvention and a cursory tour 4-6 hours.

We start our walk around the Old and New Towns at Castle Square. It is located at the intersection of streets: Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, Senatorska, Podwala, Piwna and Świętojańska streets. The W-Z Route, built directly after World War II, runs under a part of the square. The area of ​​the square from the 13th century. it was first connected with the hillfort situated on the bank of the Vistula River, then the castle of Masovian dukes and the royal residence that was established later. At the beginning of the 19th century. the square was significantly enlarged, At that time, part of the medieval city walls and the Kraków Gate situated at the end of ul. Senatorska. The present appearance of the square was shaped in the years 1977-78 in connection with the reconstruction of the Royal Castle. Then its surface was lowered and lined with sandstone slabs and paving stones. The Gothic bridge over the moat, discovered during the archaeological research at that time, was exposed. The course of the demolished city walls was also marked on the surface of the square with burnt bricks. There is a column of Sigismund III Vasa in the square. It was built in 1644 r. founded by King Władysław IV – son of King Sigismund III and at the same time his successor on the throne of Poland.

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