A village on the river Mołtava. The seat of the commune office.

Mentioned in the 13th century. as an endowment for the Order of Norbertines from Płock. It received city rights in 1351 r. Particular development, especially in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, "then many craft workshops worked here. After the Polish-Swedish war in the mid. XVI w. slow decline of the city. W 1869 r. loss of city rights.

The urban layout from the 14th-19th centuries has been preserved. with a rectangular market.

Parish Church. pw. Of the Blessed Virgin Mary, brick from the 14th / 15th century, rebuilt in the eighteenth and 1 half. XIX w. (by. proj. Henryk Marconi) i w 1888 r. Made of brick in the Gothic and monkish layout, with the use of field stones, mill wheels and cannon balls, plastered. Inside, wall paintings made in 1928 r. by Władysław Drapiewski. Manners -stastic left, side altar from the beginning of. XVII w. with figures of St.. st. Stanisław and Wojciech bishops.

Wooden and brick houses from the 19th century.

A wooden water mill from the middle of the. XIX w. (the. Poniatowski).

Wooden windmill paltrak with 1920 r.

At the cemetery of parish. graves 13 partisans murdered by the Nazis 18 September 1942 r. and the tomb of Cpr. Ignacy Feliks Grabowski with 20 DP, fallen 26 of August 1939 r. during the German border provocation, which took place at the border marker no 004 in the village of Bronisław near Mława.

Jewish cemetery, the. Mickiewicz. Fenced, neglected.

In Chodków (ob. suburb of Bodzanów) was born in the 15th century. Piotr of Chodków, the bishop of Płock, professor of medicine, teacher of the sons of the Płock prince Bolesław III. He is buried in the chapel of St.. st. Peter in the Płock cathedral.

3 km to the north. east. – Mąkolin. In the village, a brick manor from the end of the 19th century. Natural Monument – erratic boulder, fine grain granite with a circumference 1200 cm and the height of the above-ground part 100 cm.

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