3 km to the north. – Felicjanów. The headquarters of the Mariavite Catholic Church in the Republic of Poland in the village of Miszewko-Małoszewo.

The manor and the estate were taken over by the Mariavites from Florentyna Maciejec in 1910 r. From the name of the founder of the congregation Felicja (Maria Franciszka) Kozłowska (1862-1921) the current name of the seat was established. Po 1935 r., when there was a split among the Mariavites, one of its factions has established its main center here. The Mariavite Catholic Church in Poland currently has approx. 3000 faithful, ma 2 churches (Felicjanów and Długa Kościelna) and 17 chapels (m.in. in Łowicz – the. Browarna 8a, Lodz – the. Jarowa 20 and Warsaw – the. Wyspiański 4) and monastery (Felicjanów).

The preserved manor house was built in the 19th century. W 1910 r. has been adapted to perform religious functions. It has features of late classicism and neo-Renaissance. Built on a rectangular plan, brick and plastered, with rusticated corners. It is single-story, with a living attic and a two-story central part. From the front, the central part in the form of an avant-corps is topped with a triangular tympanum. The building is covered with a half-hipped roof. In front of the front there is a large flower bed. The mansion is surrounded by a carefully maintained landscape park designed by Antoni Marx in 1913 r., with skilfully integrated water reservoirs, a neo-Gothic gazebo and an artificial grotto. Near the manor house, a complex of farm buildings and a monastery were built after the reconstruction of the granary – all erected in 1913 r.

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