Zawidz Kościelny

Zawidz Kościelny. A village on the Racią Plain – center of traditional folk sculpture. Its center is embellished with many wooden sculptures mainly depicting figures. The seat of the commune office. Mentioned in the Middle Ages.

In the market square there is a monument dedicated to a PSL activist – Franciszek Łazowski – murdered 25 May 1946 by officers of MO and PPR. Parish Church. pw. st. Martin, wood, erected in 1742 r., rebuilt in 1877 r. The carcass construction, boarded. It is three-nave with a chancel, which is closed on three sides. On the ridge there is a square turret for a turret. Inside, there are two baroque side altars from the beginning of the 20th century.

XVII w. (the left one was probably originally the main one). A brick-and-wooden belfry with 1842 r. Two-story, on a rectangular projection. The lower storey is made of stone, upper wooden, pole construction, boarded. Domed roof. In the upper part of the walls, follow the bell opening.

Wooden post windmill from the 1920s.

The grave of the participants of the January Uprising who died in 1863 r.

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