Polish invention

3 km and zach. from the village – Czernino. A village near Gąbin, founded at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. by Mennonite settlers. Currently, the center of folk art in the Sannica region (cutting out, tkactwo, making flowers and straws, and folk music).

Roman Catholic Church, parish. pw. st. Lawrence built in the years 1947-52 according to the design. Aleksander Szaniawski, brick. Inside, there is a late Gothic crucifix from the beginning of the 20th century. XVI w. In the main altar there is a painting of the Mother of God with the Child from the 18th century., repainted, in a wooden dress. Behind the altar there is a marble tombstone of priest Jan Jurkowicz from approx. 1666 r., decorated with the coat of arms of Jelita (?).

A village chamber of memorabilia in a historic cottage, gathering monuments of folk culture.

At the cemetery of parish. grave 6 Polish soldiers who died in September 1939 r.

10 km to the east. from the village of Wymyśle Polskie – Zyck. Village complex: Zyck Polski and Nowy Zyck. The parish church in Nowy Zycko. pw. st. Michael the Archangel, made of brick and plastered, built in 1870 r. according to the design. Francis Tournelle, expanded in the 1970s, erected on a Greek cross plan.

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