Kępa Poland

5 km to the south. from the road junction – Kępa Poland. A village situated at the mouth of the Mołtawa River to the Vistula River. Mentioned in the 14th century. as Kępa, then in the 18th century. Jako Kępa Nakwaska.

Parish Church. pw. st. Clement, brick, late baroque, erected in 1785 r. In the main altar there is a locally worshiped picture of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, called Our Lady of the Kępska from the 17th century., on the veil of which the image of St.. Clement. Two classicist tombstones of Jan and Łukasz Nakwaski in the form of steles made in 1849 r. by Jakub Tatarkiewicz. The artist placed on them the figures of mourners extinguishing the torches of weight gain. Franciszek and Anna Nakwascy from Mała Wieś are also buried in the church.

Wooden chapel, perhaps originally a morgue, built after 1874 r., situated near the parish church. The carcass construction, boarded, covered with a tin rafter roof. Inside, there is a rococo altar from the end of the 18th century.

Wooden belfry from the end of the 18th century., built on a square plan, carcass construction, partially timbered. Clearances in the upper part of the walls. Tent roof. Next to the church, there are two ash trees with trunk circumferences 235 i 265 cm.

Vistula water level measurement point, daily readings are given on noon radio announcements. A cluster 29 small-leaved limes with trunk circumferences up to 200 cm.

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