Old Radzikowo

7 km to the north. from Czerwińsk on the Vistula River – Old Radzikowo. The village mentioned in 1221 r. as prince's property. The center of traditional folk culture (tkactwo).

In the north. the end of the village of a stronghold called "Gaik", z VI — VII w., settlements from the Lusatian culture period founded on the site. Kopcowate, about dimensions 30 on 45 m. Outer shaft dug up. Ok. 750 m and zach. there is another settlement from the church, called "Okop", dated on the 12th century, annular, dug shaft.

Parish Church. pw. st. John the Baptist, wood, built in the years 1712-39. The carcass construction, boarded with batten. Single-bay with a narrower one, chancel closed on three sides. A four-sided turret on the ridge – signature. Interior equipment, incl. baroque from the beginning of the 18th century.

4 km to the north. zach. from Czerwińska – The Upper Storyteller. Village, Gawarecki's family nest, from which Wincenty Hipolit Gawarecki was born (1788-1852) – meritorious researcher of this part of Mazovia.

Courtyard park with 1 half. XIX w. located on a bend of the Gawarek river. There is an avenue of chestnut trees in the park, monumental spruces and oaks.

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