BOROWICE – In the village, a manor house built in 1918 r. for Turski. Renovated in 1995 r. It has features of neo-renaissance and neoclassicism. Made of brick and plastered. Built on the plan of an elongated rectangle with three avant-corps. The edge ryzites are slightly higher than the main body of the manor. The central risalit is wider and taller than the others. It is preceded by a two-storey portico with two end pillars on both storeys

and two Tuscan columns in the center. It is topped with a triangular gable with an oculus. The individual segments of the manor house are covered with gable roofs with wide eaves. The mansion is surrounded by a park established in the middle of the 19th century. XIX w., rearranged in the years 1908-13, with evidence of old wood.

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