In the village there is a parish church. pw. st. Leonard, wood, erected in the years 1830-35 in place of the earlier z 1740 r., rebuilt in the year 1878. The carcass construction, boarded, on a rectangular projection, with a separate, simply closed chancel.

Outside, ogival windows with fan-shaped muntin bars are closed. From the front, a tower of pillar structure protrudes with a projection. Single-bay, on the sides of the presbytery, two rooms with boxes in the upper parts. Inside, the main late-Renaissance altar from the beginning of the 20th century. XVII w. with figures of St.. st.

Peter and Paul, marked with the coat of arms of Jelita, probably Jerzy Zamoyski, abbot of Czerwińsk and the bishop of Chełm. In the main field there is an image of Our Lady of Częstochowa, in the predella the painting "Lamentation of Christ", in the finial, the image of St.. Leonard – all from the 17th century. W kruchtach zach. and south. late gothic crucifixes with 1 half. XVI w. Next to the church, a neo-Romanesque brick belfry from the end of the 19th century.

Brick mansion with 2 half. XIX w., late Classicist, two-story, surrounded by a landscape park established in 2 half. XIX w.

6 km to the north. – Caresses. The village mentioned in 1426 r. South. east. from the village, in the forest, early medieval stronghold, called "Okop", dated on the 12th century. Ring-shaped, approx. 34 m and shaft height to 90 cm. Surrounded by a wide moat 4 m.

At distance 1 km to the north. the "Noskowo" nature reserve established in 1977 r. on the surface 75,79 ha, a breeding deciduous forest and a natural oak-hornbeam forest with numerous monumental trees.

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