Zakrzewo Kościelne

At distance 2 km from Kępa Polska – Zakrzewo Kościelne. Village. A traditional center for weaving wicker baskets. Mentioned in 1400 r. as Zakrzewo Major. Wooden parish church. pw. st. st. Peter and Paul, erected in 1619 r., rebuilt in the 19th and 20th centuries. Three-aisle with a narrower chancel closed on three sides. The carcass construction, boarded with batten. Gable roofs covered with shingles. There is an octagonal ridge on the ridge. Inside there is a rainbow beam with a date 1540 and gothic sculptures depicting Christ on the cross surrounded by saints, baroque main altar from approx. 1640 r. and the painting "Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary" from 1642 r. In the church there is also a coffin portrait and an epitaph made of brown marble of Marcin Lasocki, who died in 1619 r.

Bell tower from the 18th century, wooden, pole construction, boarded with batten. On a projection close to a square. Jednokondygnacyjna, widening downwards. At the top of the walls after 2 bell openings. Tented roof shingled.

Nearby there is a cemetery of parish, where the graves of Polish soldiers who died in September 1939 r., villagers murdered during World War II by the descendants of German colonizers and 6 scouts killed by the Nazis 13 September 1939 r. for allegedly shooting a Wehrmacht soldier.

Nearby, the nature reserve "Wysp Zakrzewskie" created in 1994 r. on the surface 310 ha to protect the islands, sandbanks and waters of the Vistula.

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