It is based on a network of paved roads and railway lines. The network of paved roads in the described area is unevenly distributed, it is better developed in the vicinity of Warsaw. The largest communication node is Warsaw, where roads of international importance converge no 7 to Gdańsk, no 61 to Augustów, no 18 to Białystok, no 2 to Terespol, no 17 to Lublin, no 7 to Krakow, no 8 to Wrocław, no 1 to Katowice and no 2 to Poznań. The national road network is quite well developed, a network of local roads in some places. Some local roads are not adapted to heavier vehicles, and part has a gravel surface. Bus communication is quite well developed – state and private, although locally the number of courses is very limited. The main railway lines converge in Warsaw. The lines connecting Warsaw and Krakow are of the greatest importance, Katowice, Cognition, Gdańsk, Białystok and Lublin. Suburban trains run on these lines within a radius of several dozen kilometers from the capital. The existing railway lines connecting the capital with Ostrołęka and Płock are of little importance. Railway transport is supplemented by the passenger line of the Warsaw Commuter Railway from Warsaw to Grodzisk Mazowiecki and the lines of the narrow-gauge Sochaczew-Tułowice railways., Nasielsk-Pułtusk, Mława – Przasnysz and Piaseczno-Nowe Miasto on the Pilica river, mainly providing tourist transport, less often freight.

Water communication is small due to the lack of river regulation. Freight transportation, mainly aggregates, they take place only on the Narew River and the Żerań Canal. Passenger transport – touristic – are currently seasonal on the Vistula River within Warsaw and Płock.

There is one large airport in this area – used for the transport of people and goods in domestic and foreign transport – Okęcie in Warsaw. Due to the limited capacity of this airport and the impossibility of increasing its area, it is planned to use the former military airport located in the north. from Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki as the second international airport located in the center of Poland, in the vicinity of the capital.

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