Cooks. The village was mentioned in the 15th century. as property of Boleścice. W 1920 r. the owners of the village were Antoni Radomyski and his wife Helena née Tchórznicki known as Helena Mniszkówna (1880-1943), Writer, author of novels from the life of high society, such as "Leper", "Ordynat Michorowski", „Gehenna”, "Panicz" and the collection of short stories "Noisy feathers" and "Książęta boron".

Eclectic, brick and plastered manor house with 1859 r. One-story building with a two-story extension. Used by the Karma Kagyu Buddhist Association. Landscape park from the middle of. XIX w., redesigned at the beginning. XX w., with rectangular joints, linden and chestnut avenues, sycamore specimens, red beech and maple.

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