Village, seat of the commune office. Mentioned in the 11th century. W 2 half. XVII w., after the Swedish invasion, Stanisław Baryczka was the owner of the village (ok. 1615-82), Warsaw burgher, courtier of King Jan Kazimierz, participant of military expeditions against the Swedes and Cossacks, owner of an enormous fortune (real estate in Warsaw and land estates). For his war merits, he received nobility and the coat of arms of Zacne Krzyżowo. He was the last of the famous Baryczek family from Warsaw. In years 1878-80 Fort No. V was built in Czosnów as one of the rings of forts surrounding the Modlin fortress. W 1912-14 was being modernized. The vicinity of Czosnów in 1972 r. were plein-airs for the film "Wesele" by Stanisław Wyspiański, directed by Andrzej Wajda.

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