Sokołówek – Village. Place of birth of Zuzanna Morawska (1848-1920), educator and novelists, author of fairy tales for children and historical novels ( "On the ruins of the order", "Wolf's Nest", "Prince's squire"). Morawska lived and worked in Mława for many years.

In years 1909-39 an agricultural school operated here, founded thanks to the bequest in the will of Tomasz Klonowski. The executor of the deceased's will was a doctor from Ciechanów, Dr. Franciszek Rajkowski.

A peasant activist worked here for many years – Jadwiga Dziubińska, and one of the students was the folk poet Kajetan Sawczuk (1892-1917). After the demolished v 1945 r. only the foundations remained of the building.

Neglected by the road, a cemetery from the First World War surrounded by a stone wall, on which a stone-monument without a plaque.

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