Gralewo. In the village there is a parish church. pw. st. Margaret erected at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries., rebuilt in the 16th and 17th centuries, significantly damaged in 1915 r., rebuilt in the years 1920-28 according to the design. Włodzimierz Dubik. Late Gothic, made of brick with the use of zendrówka arranged in diamonds, stalked. Single-aisle with a separate, narrower, chancel closed on three sides. From the north. square chapel from the 17th-18th century. The altars and the pulpit were made by St. 1932 r. Ludwik Konarzewski from Istebna. There is a monument next to the church – obelisk in honor 10 people hanged in public by the Nazis 4 of August 1943 r. The second monument in the cemetery, at the mass grave of the victims of this execution. There is a monument in the courtyard of the primary school – obelisk at the site of a Nazi penal labor camp, operating here in the years 1940-43.

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