A village on the Racią Plain.

5 July 1410 r. The main Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian forces, led by King Władysław Jagiełło, who took part in the expedition to the Teutonic Knights, stayed here. On that day, Hungarian mediators and an envoy of the Teutonic Order came to the king, who offered peace. In view of the strong demands of King Władysław Jagiełło regarding the return of the Dobrzyń land, the annexation of Samogitia was abandoned and the envoys left the Polish camp.

Parish Church. pw. st. Bartholomew, brick, erected in 1 half. XVI w. rebuilt approx. 1740 r., three-nave, late gothic with baroque features, buttressed. The facade is enclosed by volutes and is topped with a triangular gable. Baroque interior fittings from the 18th century.

Wooden post windmill with 2 half. XIX w.

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