Joniec. A village situated on the Wkra river, seat of the commune office. Mentioned in the 11th century. under the name Juniec. From the 11th to the end of the 18th century. property of Płock bishops. The remains of the former stronghold are its remains at the river crossing.

Classicist parish church. pw. st. Louis built in 1784 r. at the expense of the Bishop of Płock, Michał Jerzy Poniatowski. Made of brick and plastered, single-nave. The facade is divided by pairs of Tuscan pilasters. Inside, there are paintings by z 1912 r. made by Władysław Drapiewski. In front of the church there is a late-gothic granite stoup from the 15th-16th century. Next to the church, there is a brick classicist belfry, St. 1784 r. Above the entrance to the belfry there is a stone plaque funded by Michał Jerzy Poniatowski, the bishop of Płock, the chairman of the National Education Commission in 1784 r. It has letters in alphabetical order, numbers and a verse inscription about the benefits of government-enabled science. A similar plaque also funded by Bishop M.. J. Poniatowski, containing letters, measures and verses from the catechism, is located at the cathedral in Kielce.

At the church cemetery, the classicist tombstone of Antoni Poniatowski z 1838 r.

In the village, there are graves of Polish soldiers who died in 1920 r.

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