City. Ok. 13 000 inhabited. The seat of the city and commune office. Industrial center (Factory of Sintered Powder Products, wood industry plants). The seat of the Academic Institute of Family Studies at the Academy of Catholic Theology (Baczynski 7/9).

Mentioned as Łomny Małe w 1418 r. W XVI w. property of the Łomiński family.

22 September 1939 r. fierce fights between troops from the "Poznań" and "Pomerania" armies with three German divisions. Approximately. 4000 Polish soldiers, including gen. brig. Mikołaj Boltuć (1893-1939) – commander of the Independent Operational Group "East" from the army "Pomerania". Colonel Tadeusz Parafiński died together with him – commander 26 DP. 18 September 1944 r. The Germans shot down an Allied B-17G plane with an American crew over Łomianki carrying aid for the Warsaw insurgents. Only two pilots survived from the crew of twelve. It flew over to Warsaw that day 107 aircraft from the American 8 Air Army, who made the dump 1284 weapon trays, food and communications. W 1987 r. Łomianki and the cemetery in Kiełpino, where the monument to the Allied Airmen is located, visited by George Bush, then the vice president of the USA. W 1989 r. Łomianki received city rights.

Parish Church. pw. st. Margaret built in 1925-28 with the use of some architectural elements of the church in Kiełpino, which was then liquidated. Next to the belfry, built after 1920 r., with a mullion and transom structure, bricked in the lower part, open at the top. Covered with a tented roof and topped with a metal decorative cross.

Near the older church, intended for demolition, a new brick church built according to the design. Wojciech Rataj. In the chapel of the same church there is a late Gothic crucifix from the beginning of the 20th century. XVI w. Inside, there are plaques commemorating the stay in Łomianki by George Bush and the Home Army soldiers from the "Kampinos" group coming from Łomianki.

Monument dedicated to the defenders of the homeland who died in the years 1939-45 (the. Warszawska corner of the Wiślana).

Monument dedicated to the soldiers of September 1939 r. and the Home Army partisans of the "Kampinos" group, unveiled in 1996 r. (the. Partyzantów).

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