Nowe Wymyśle

The village was founded as a German Wymyśle in the years 1762-64 by Mennonites from Friesland, and those who came here from the vicinity of Grudziądz and Drezdenko. At the end of the 19th century. lived here 359 people – only Mennonites.

Zbór mennonicki, brick, plastered, built after 1860 r. in place of the burnt wooden congregation of 2 half.

XVIII w. It is a one-story building, decorated with rustication and profiled window frames. The façade with an ogival window is topped with a triangular gable. Currently, the building is in poor condition and serves as a warehouse.

Mennonite cemetery, neglected, surrounded by a ruined brick fence. A dozen or so tombstones carved in stone have survived, concrete, terrazzo and cast iron, some have sentences written in German. The oldest tombstone from approx. 1900 r.

More than a dozen wooden houses, consisting of residential houses and barns connected to them, all from the 19th century.

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