Sarbiewo. A village on Raciążnica, mentioned in 1403 r. The family nest of the Sarbiewskis of the Pravda coat of arms. Parish Church. pw. st. Stanislaus the Bishop, wood, built in 2 half. XVII w., rebuilt several times. The seat of one of the oldest parishes in Mazovia. The carcass construction, boarded with batten. Three-nave, With a narrower chancel closed on three sides. There is a ridge on the ridge. Inside, baroque and neo-baroque furnishings and a plaque with 1888 r. commemorating Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski from Sarbiewo (1595-1640), Jesuit, a No-Volatian poet from the Baroque period, author of many works devoted to Mazovia ( "Ode to Narew"), literary theorist, preacher of the court king Władysław IV Vasa, lecturer in Jesuit schools ( in Pułtusk). Next to the church, there is a wooden belfry built in the 18th century. on a square plan, jednokondygnacyjna, mullion and transom structure, boarded With batten. In the upper part of the walls, alternately along 3 or 2 bell openings. Church cemetery with tombstones from the 19th century. and old trees. South. from the church, the Sarbiewski monument unveiled in 1958 r. (on it wrong information saying, That he was a poet of the Renaissance – instead of baroque), and in its vicinity a memorial plaque to Tadeusz Kościuszko, unveiled in 1917 r.

1 km to the east. from the road junction – Dłużniewo. In the village, the late Classicist manor house of 2 half. XIX w. Made of bricks, plastered, with rusticated pilasters. One-storeyed with a residential attic, with a break in the middle. Landscape park from the 19th century.

1 km and zach. from the road junction – Galomin. A village on Raciążnica, with a 19th-century manor park.

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