Sochocin – A village on the Wkra River, separating Wysoczyzna Ciechanowska from Wysoczyzna Płońska. The seat of the commune office.

W 1385 r. Sochocin was granted town privileges as a private town by Janusz I, the Duke of Mazovia. W 1480 r. was bought by Janusz II, the Duke of Masovia. From the end of the 15th century. until the end of the 18th century. it was the seat of the district court of the Ciechanów Land. Po 1528 r. King Zygmunt I the Old City handed over the city to Queen Bona for life. W 1677 r. the privileges were confirmed and extended by King Jan III Sobieski (additional fairs). W XVIII w. leased to Kazimierz Krasiński – to the obedient great crown. At the beginning. XIX w. there was a slight economic recovery due to the functioning of cloth workshops in the neighboring village of Ku-chary. W 1869 r. Sochocin lost its municipal rights, giving way to neighboring development: Płońsk and New Town. During the Polish-Bolshevik war, at night with 14 on 15 of August 1920 r., as a result of an attack on Polish bayonets 145 pp. under the command of Lt.. Calculus from the warehouse 18 The DP ousted the Bolshevik soldiers from the 15th army from Sochocin. Poles lost 66 soldiers, including 6 officers. In the past, Sochocin was famous for making buttons and small ornaments made of river shells. Traditional button-making workshops were replaced only after World War II by a factory producing buttons and other small plastic products.

The old urban layout with the market square in the middle has been preserved.

Parish Church. pw. st. John the Baptist. The parish was probably erected in the 14th century. Current built in the years 1908-14. Built of bricks, neogotycki. Among the interior fittings, there is a baroque crucifix from 1 half. XVII w. located in the southern porch. and a copper musical cauldron from the 18th century.

There is a mass grave with a monument in the Roman Catholic cemetery, where Polish soldiers are buried who died in 1920 r.


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