Niedzbórz. The village mentioned in 1349 r. as Covered Waters, later called Międzybórz. W 1503 r. the city was located under the Chełmno law. In years 1535-1795 the city was the seat of the county. W XVI i XVII w. there was a castle here built for the Narzymski family. At the end of the 18th century. there was a loss of city rights. The village immortalized by Henryk Sienkiewicz in "Krzyżaki" as a place, in which Jurand and his team were surprised by a snowstorm. The current parish church. pw. st. Nicholas, neogotycki, built in 1886 r. The parish was erected by St. 1505 r. A valuable element of the equipment is the 18th-century baptismal font.

On the school a blackboard with 1962 r. commemorating Władysław Smoleński (1851-1926), an outstanding historian, writer, profesora UW, an expert on the history of Poland in the 18th century., born in nearby Grabienice Małe.

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