Nowy Troszyn and Troszyn of Poland

Intersection with the road to Troszyn.

5 km to the north. from the intersection – village ensemble: Nowy Troszyn and Troszyn of Poland.

Nowy Troszyn was formerly called German Troszyn. It was created in 1759 r. after the Mennonites settled here.

Former Evangelical Church, brick, built in the 1920s, currently a warehouse.

In the vicinity of Nowy Troszyn the nature reserve "Ławice Troszyń-skie" created in 1994 r. on the surface 114 ha – refuge of waders: mew, terns and plovers.

In Troszyn Polski, the Church of. st. Leonard. Erected in 1636 r., wood, carcass construction, boarded with batten. Hall rooms with a chancel closed on three sides. Covered with gable roofs. On the ridge there is a four-sided turret for a turret. Inside, late renaissance altars: main and side – both of approx. 1640 r., and a late Renaissance pulpit from approx. 1640 r. On the rood beam the date "AD 1636". The church was carefully renovated in the early 1980s.

At distance 4 km to the south. east. from Troszyn Polski – Nowy Wiączemin. The village was founded (under the name of German Wiączemin ) by the Mennonites in the area periodically flooded by the waters of the Vistula. Farms, the house of prayer and the cemetery were located here on a dozen or so artificial hills. A Mennonite house of prayer has been preserved in the village, built in 1938 r., brick masonry, covered with a gable roof, neoromański, now a filial church. Roman catholic. The Mennonite cemetery has also been preserved, ob. neglected.

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