The village mentioned in 1349 r. The famous architect Jan Jakub Gay was born in Kamion (1801-49) – creator of projects, incl. a granary in Modlin and a paper mill in Konstancin-Jeziorna. Wooden belfry with 1 half. XIX w., built on a square plan, pole construction, boarded, jednokondygnacyjna. In the upper part of the walls, one bell opening with shutters. Tented roof shingled. The belfry was erected today with the wooden church of. st. Michael the Archangel (the church was demolished in 1978 r.).

At the church cemetery, the so-called. stone of st. Jack with dimples, which, according to the local tradition, are traces of the feet and knees of St.. Jacket.

There is a crossroads in the village.

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