Unieck. In the village there is a parish church. pw. st. James the Elder, wood, erected in 1871 r. The carcass construction, boarded with batten. The classicist façade with a recessed middle part is topped with a gable roof, on which an octagonal signature. Three-nave, with a straight closed presbytery. Inside, a figure of the Mother of God with the Child from the early. XV w., gothic, polychrome and gilded. Belfry from the end of the 19th century., wooden, on a square plan, jednokondygnacyjna. Pole structure, boarded with batten. Gable roof, topped with a pyramidal pinnacle. At the top of the walls after 3 bell openings.

There is a grave of fallen insurgents in the cemetery 28 January 1863 r.

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