3 km to the south. east. from the village of Kamion – Witkowice. The village is located to the west. the bank of the Bzura River. In September 1939 r. there was one of the most important crossings through the Bzura of the rolling stock and artillery of the "Poznań" and "Pomerania" armies. There has been a big one here, a mess of vehicles, which was the target for German planes.

Next to the manor there is a monument dedicated to the soldiers – participants of the "Battle of Bzura" in September 1939 r., issued by scouts from the Skierniewicka Banner of the Polish Scouting Association. Near the bridge on the Bzura river, a plaque surrounded by stylized remains of military caravans commemorating the crossing of the river by Polish soldiers from the "Poznań" and "Pomerania" armies 16-19 September 1939 r.

The manor house was erected at the beginning of. XX w. At the end of the 1980s. completely renovated. About the features of classicism, brick and plastered, one-story with a residential attic, with a two-story central part topped with a triangular gable. From the front, the portico of 2 in pairs of Tuscan columns supporting the first floor terrace. Covered with a gable roof.

Remains of a landscape park from the 19th century.

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