Warsaw guide

Welcome to Warszawka.eu website in the information service of the capital city of Warsaw. The website was created with the inhabitants of Warsaw and people in mind, who come to Warsaw to study or work and would like to learn more about this city, its customs and history. You will find here a lot of useful information about the city, how it functions and how to find yourself in it. Treat our website as a guide to the city and places, which are an important part of it. On our website you will learn many interesting stories about this city full of contradictions and contrasts. The name of our website is characterized by a similar perversity, Warszawka.eu. Despite this, that the word has a rather negative connotation, and like “Warsaw jars” does not have too positive associations, You will not find the latest rumors about the Warsaw bohemia here. In return, I will decide to interest you with information about the history of Warsaw, its monuments, communication or other mundane topics, that affect every inhabitant of this city.

Warsaw is the most diverse city in Poland. And this is because of its inhabitants, who for the most part were not born in this city but came from other parts of the country or completely different countries or even continents. All the more, it is worth spending some time getting to know this city and its history, which is complicated, full of ups and downs. Warsaw is constantly looking for its identity and character, that would express her aspiration, one of the most important cities in Europe. Not only because of its historical contribution to the shape of modern Europe, but also because of its contribution to business development, arts and culture and education center.

On Warszawka.eu website, we want to write about what Warsaw is like and in what direction it is going. Subjectively from the perspective of its fans and observers.