Housing estate in Łomianki. Mentioned as a village in the 14th century.

W 1636 r. short-term city location, the development of which was interrupted by the destruction during the Swedish invasion.

Chapel at the convent of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. st. Matthew. (the. Goblin). Inside, there is a prototype of a figure of the Holy Mother of God (currently stored in Szymanów near Niepokalanów), made by Tomasz Oskar Sosnowski.

The figure was commissioned by the Grocholski family and was placed in the manor chapel in Hryców in Wołyń. For many years it was deposited at the National Museum in Warsaw, and from 1957 r. is in its current location.

On the mound by the road, there is a chapel of St. 1848 r. with a statue of St.. John of Nepomuk found after the Vistula flood.

Monument 23 Poles shot in the years 1939-42 – unveiled in 1971 r. (the. Parkowa).

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