2 km to the north. – Rębowo. A village known for cultivating the Emaus religious rite – consisting in the collective blessing of the fields, held annually on the first Sunday after 24 June. There are large vegetable plantations in the area, especially onions. Mentioned in 1257 r. W 1320 r. the prince of Płock, Wacław, donated the existing church to the Holy Sepulcher from Wyszogród.

Parish Church. pw. st. John the Baptist. Built in the 16th century, rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuries. Wood, carcass construction, boarded with batten. Three-nave with a narrower one, chancel closed with four sides. Gable roof. On the ridge there is a four-sided turret - a turret. Inside, the Mannerist main altar of 1 half. XVII w. with painted v 1642 r. the image of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (behind the veil), baroque side altar (right) with approx. 1700 r. Next to it, a wooden belfry from the middle of. XVIII w. At the cemetery of parish. brick cemetery chapel from 1887 r. Numerous wooden farmsteads built in the 19th century.

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