Królewo. A village near Wkra, mentioned in 1425 r. as the property of the Płock bishops. Parish Church. pw. st. Zygmunt, built in 1639 r. from the Wojciech Baranowski foundation – the bishop of Płock, rebuilt many times. The carcass construction, boarded, single-nave with separate, chancel closed on three sides. From the West. quadrilateral, a three-story tower covered with a pyramidal dome. There is a ridge on the ridge. Inside, a late-gothic sculpture depicting the Mother of God with Child and a painting of St.. Zygmunt from the 17th century. adorned with a dress from the 18th century. Wooden belfry from the 19th century. on a square plan, jednokondygnacyjna. A wide eaves in the lower part, at the top of the walls a pair of large bell openings. Tent roof.

At the Roman Catholic cemetery there is a mass grave of Polish soldiers who died 14-15 of August 1920 r.

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