Malżyn. A village on the left bank of Wkra, on the local road from Glinojeck to Sochocin. During the Polish-Russian war 9 brand 1831 r. he suffered a defeat in the village, defending itself to the end, Polish branch under the command of Maj. Wągrodzki. During the Polish-Bolshevik war 18 of August 1920 r. Polish Siberian Brigade under the command of Col.. Kazimierz Rumsza was defeated by the Bolshevik 481 pp. with 84 The Rifle Division. Approx. 500 Soviet soldiers.

Parish Church. pw. st. Adalbert and the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, wood, built in 1780 r. using the older one, brick presbytery of 1 half. XVI w. Single-bay, the nave of the carcass structure, boarded. There is a quadrilateral ridge on the ridge, built in 2 half. XIX w. Inside, there is an early baroque main altar from 1 half. XVII w. and late-gothic sculptures from the 16th century. depicting the Mother of God with the Child, Risen Christ and Christ on the cross. Wooden, the carved pulpit comes from the 17th century., and gothic, stone stoup from the 15th century. Inside, an epitaph plaque made of black marble by Franciszkowa Dunin-Swięcicka (died 1649), with carved coats of arms: Swan, Korab, Truth and Rogal. In the vicinity of the church, there is a wooden belfry from 1655 r., built on a plan similar to a square, jednokondygnacyjna, pole construction, boarded. Tented roof with lids, covered with shingles.

On a slope by the river, a wooden manor house from the middle of the. XIX w., surrounded by the remains of a landscape park with old ash trees, whose trunk circuits have to 400 cm.

Roman Catholic cemetery with graves of soldiers who died in the war 1920 r.

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